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Positive perspective

Okay whilst I’m not going to go so far as to say that it is ‘fake news’ I do want to issue a caution in relation to stories circulating about record residential property demand.  I absolutely welcome the positive sentiment but at the same time it is incredibly important to keep things in perspective. The thing is real estate agents regularly face a very real dilemma.  Agents work hard to secure new listings which is obviously key to their professional success but gaining the trust of a potential vendor involves delicately navigating the chasm that can exist between value expectation and... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 30th September, 2020

Fill the gap

Crikey. That’s not what we needed to read first thing on a Monday morning.  The correlation between population growth and housing demand is relatively obvious but it’s tough to see in black and white the predicted potential impact of pandemic restrictions on migration on the bottom line of the residential property market.  So, what are we looking at here? Look, there is no doubt the numbers presented are sobering.  Less migration to Australia and reduced numbers of international students do have real potential to impact rental returns for investors and in turn impact demand for existing residential property.  Motivation to buy... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 23rd September, 2020

The numbers

There are a lot of numbers to digest in our profession.  Addresses, contact numbers, appointments, valuations, prices, bedrooms, dimensions, average rates, average levies, and the dates of work colleagues’ birthdays! But there are some other numbers that are just as important that we track very carefully here at Morton and they are equally interesting. Leasing. It is the engine room of residential property a fact was clearly demonstrated earlier this year as a result of the financial implications of COVID restrictions.  The strength of the rental market is a key driver of the investment and sales market so Morton monitors activity... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 16th September, 2020

Crunch time…or is it?

Spring.  Traditionally the best residential property selling season of the year, much anticipated by vendors and purchasers alike as each look to escape Winter hibernation with newfound energy, enthusiasm, and optimism.  But it’s 2020, the year of unexpected everything, so the big question is what’s going to happen this year? I am not afraid to admit that I was very worried about prospects for the Spring market this year.  There has been no secret to the widespread concern many have felt at the combined prospect of government financial support ending, or being reduced, and the end of mortgage repayment holidays. But so... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 9th September, 2020

Influx of Opportunity

You may have seen a significant number of articles and commentary highlighting the lifestyle changes emerging as people re-evaluate their priorities as a result of COVID isolation requirements.  There is talk of an exodus from the city as people look for more space and less stress in their lives. That might be, but I hasten to add that doesn’t automatically mean the city property market is in trouble. Indeed, it has created an influx of opportunity. I certainly don’t dispute the analysis which shows people are increasingly searching for opportunities to move and recalibrate their lives. And the appeal of a... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 2nd September, 2020