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The big questions

So, who is going to win? What will the outcome of the election this weekend mean for residential property and potentially what should we expect if the country ends up with a hung parliament and something of a Senate mish-mash? There are political and economic experts far wiser than me who remain unsure about what the electoral outcome will mean for the economy, and the property market, so quite frankly I’m not brave enough to make a prediction on the result. But perhaps the reality of the result of this election is somewhat less dramatic than we might think. We have seen... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 19th May, 2022

The debate

I understand the frustration, but equally, I understand the conundrum. ‘Conundrum’ isn’t really the right word to reflect the economic, emotional, and social impact that is the complexity around housing affordability. It’s a huge issue that rightly should be debated in an election campaign but I’m afraid it’s naïve to expect consensus. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get into the politics of property access and ownership. I’ll leave that to others but what I will talk about are the practicalities. First. Always remember there are no guarantees. Whilst COVID has forced us to recognise that life can deliver extraordinary curveballs it’s been easy to ignore... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 11th May, 2022

Here we go

Okay, here we go. The much anticipated, much discussed, and much-dreaded interest rate rise has arrived and with it has come a deluge of statistics and analysis on the impact on individual households, the property market, and the economy in general. So, what do we do? What do we do? Simple. We’ll do the same thing we did yesterday, and the day before that and the same thing we will do tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not underplaying the significance of the announcement. Of particular importance is the commentary from the Reserve Bank that they expect rates will continue to rise over the year ahead. It... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 5th May, 2022

Don’t take it for granted

It’s a common refrain but one that I hope will never lose its resonance.  We really are ‘the lucky country’ and the truth behind the statement runs much deeper than just a pitch for a tourism campaign. It can equally be applied to our domestic real estate market, and it is important we don’t take it for granted. This week we take time out to remember and consider our fortune as a nation as we honour those who have fought to protect our lucky country. We should never take their contribution, commitment, and sacrifice for granted. We are a lucky country, and... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 27th April, 2022

Words can matter

There is no dispute that the residential property market is directly influenced by financial and economic factors. It might not respond as immediately as the share market but national financial decisions do play out in market confidence and activity. Which is why words can matter. Interspersed with the pre-election announcement fervour and in the lead up to Easter, the Reserve Bank of Australia announced it would keep interest rates on hold at the historic low level of 0.1%. That wasn’t unexpected but as inflation starts to bite hard in economies around the world it does set Australia apart somewhat. For economic policy pundits, the... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 20th April, 2022

What’s going on?

Time has been hard to mark over the last couple of years. Everything feels like it’s morphed into an endless loop. Was it really two years ago we saw the rental market in freefall because of Covid lockdowns? So, if not much has changed since then how is it that we are now looking at the tightest rental market I’ve ever seen? Here’s my take on what I’m seeing now and what’s happened over the last couple of years. Yes, it does all come down to the fundamental principle of supply and demand. The pandemic moved demand out of the market. International migration and international... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 14th April, 2022

The cost

Federal Budget week is always big news but especially so in an election year. The promises and projections of cash splashes and announcements of taxes cut or created has the potential to impact business, family, and individual decisions. But interestingly not so much this year.  I wonder why? Our team are talking budgets every day of every week with our clients. It’s incredibly important for our team to help ensure vendors, purchasers, owners, and renters have realistic projections of the income and expenses related to a property so they can be confident of their budget. Confidence in your financial position fosters confidence... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 6th April, 2022

Work it

I read an infuriating comment in an article the other day that said waning demand across the residential property market would mean real estate agents were ‘going to have to work harder’. What rot. In my view regardless of the market if you have an agent you believe could ‘work harder’ then you’ve got the wrong agent. Contrary to what some might believe I completely disagree with the notion that a property can ‘sell itself’. Of course, given I’m a real estate agent that position probably doesn’t surprise you, but as a real estate agent, I know it to be true. Yes, a property... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 30th March, 2022

Navigating change

Even with all the statistics and media analysis showing an easing in the market I know it can still be hard to come to terms with the potential impact of a changing dynamic. Navigating change is never easy, so achieving a positive outcome in a changing property market relies on a couple of key things. Communication is crucial. And so is experience. I know I sound like a broken record but it’s true and never more so than when there are signs of market movement.  Before any statistical analysis highlights a change in sentiment there is usually a less factual but equally relevant change... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 23rd March, 2022


Okay. So, the residential property sales market is showing signs that it’s starting to slow, although an auction clearance rate of 70% is still a long way from terrible. That said, I do recognise the very mention of a possible slowdown makes people nervous, so here’s my take on it. Over the last couple of years, we’ve become accustomed like never before to ‘expect the unexpected’. We’ve had to. So much of what we have endured has felt like it should have been the script for a bizarre movie rather than real life. I’ve often written that as individuals, and certainly as a team here... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 17th March, 2022