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The Savvy Investor

Wednesday 08 Apr 2015

Easter has traditionally marked the start of the market easing into the slower Winter selling season. But after a weekend filled with the option of chocolate chip, gluten free, low fat and sourdough hot cross buns now is a good time to remember that traditions can, and do, change over time.  So what next for property?


There are some who expect the slowdown will hold off until after ANZAC Day given school holidays have an impact not only on road traffic but also on numbers at property inspections and auctions.


But I think not.  Based on the number of properties we have coming online I don’t anticipate any dramatic slowdown over the next couple of months. 


Some drop-off is inevitable but we have seen over the last couple of years the disappearance of the traditional Winter shut down and I anticipate this year the Winter market will be stronger than ever before.


Rates remain low which I acknowledge does reflect a subdued level of confidence across the broader economy but despite that mood the property market has consistently defied expectations. 


As a result I think the coming months may see the retreat of the nervous investor but the emergence of the savvy investor, keen to jump into the market when it is no longer hitting the headlines. The savvy investor is price conscious but ready to take advantage of the low rates and continued opportunity to secure good rental return and capital growth.


Those opportunities are certainly out there so watch this space.