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The Search for Something Different.

Thursday 17 Nov 2016

I don’t want to get into the politics but I do think the outcome of the US election is another very clear demonstration, coming on the back of Brexit, of the demand from consumers for something different. And in my opinion that’s a lesson we need to learn in Australia. And in property.

Consumers are looking for a new way of doing things. Politics aside analysts agree the widespread appeal of Brexit and Trump’s unexpected electoral victory has come about because the community is looking for avenues and opportunities to change it up and do things differently.

That’s a very relevant message for the real estate profession. Consumers are looking for something different but I’m not actually talking about the properties we list and sell.

Indeed listings remain in very high demand. Our team have secured pre-auction sales this week in Wentworth Point, Pyrmont and the Sydney CBD. It’s a reflection of the ongoing demand but also indicates a slight change in buyer tactics with those keen to secure properties now pushing hard to negotiate a deal away from the competitive auction day environment.

But at the same time consumers are looking for more, something new and different from their agents. I’ve written previously about the role of the modern agent in helping frustrated buyers find their dream property in these months when listings are so scarce.

And for our clients the other factor that is increasingly scarce is time. We are all living in a world where time has become a very precious commodity. Sure we can access information anytime, anywhere but the fundamental issue for people is finding any time at all.

Which is why agents need to find ways to do things differently. Our team is always looking at ways to support our clients by taking the hassles out administration and the hiccups out of communication. Change can be scary but it can also be exciting.