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February 2017 Director’s Desk

Friday 24 Feb 2017

Have you ever considered the difference between service and experience? You buy your ticket from someone with a friendly smile but the adrenalin of the ride itself might leave you feeling exhilarated or like you want to throw up!  I wholeheartedly believe in quality service but I also believe that the experience of real estate needs to be positive.  And that can be tricky to achieve.

When you think about it buying, selling or renting a property can be a bit like a sideshow alley ride. You start the process excited and filled with nervous anticipation.  How the ride ends is very much up to the experience, focus and attitude of your real estate professional.

We understand  that property transactions are highly emotional for most people. They are generally high stakes involving big dollars and big decisions that can have a lasting impact. A property negotiation can certainly be a roller coaster but our teams work hard to ensure the ride is fun.

I think the key for our team of professionals is to never lose sight of the fact that real estate is a big deal.  It is what we experience everyday but for the majority of our clients buying or selling a property might be the biggest financial decision of their year, their decade or indeed their life. And we never take that for granted.

The market at the moment is very exciting and our team recognise that can bring a wave of emotions for buyers, vendors and renters alike.   I encourage potential vendors take advantage of the momentum that exists and recommend buyers seize the momentum.  For those looking for a property to rent call our team and register your requirements.

In this market I think I can guarantee the ride will be exciting and with the support of our team the experience should leave you feeling exhilarated.