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Always Right

Wednesday 07 Jun 2017

It is a common wisdom that when it comes to providing a service it should be assumed that customer is always right.  I agree.  But how to manage that when in real estate we work to many masters?  You need to focus and you need to know.

At Morton our clients are vendors and buyers, landlords and tenants. In my opinion each is as important as the other. Without one we cannot service the other so we need to satisfy the needs of each client group equally in order to meet the requirements each client group individually.

Sound complicated? It’s actually quite simple.

So much emphasis in residential real estate is placed on results. On the number of listings and the number of property managements, and of course on the dollars.  As a founder and Director at Morton I can assure you I spend a lot of time considering the results and analysing the numbers.

But at Morton we also recognise that the foundation for achieving solid results is always going to be built on delivering great customer service.  And so we need to know what our clients are thinking.  If we know what they want then we can focus on how we can help make their residential property life better, easier, more rewarding.

It’s why our team asks questions and takes the time to listen to the answers. It’s why we ask for feedback, and while we relish the good, we also learn from the bad.  We’re always looking for ways to improve our service offering and our client services.  For example MortonConnect makes it easier for tenants to move into their new home providing a platform to simplifying the process of connecting water, gas, internet and other services.

Our customers are always right and we work hard to get it right.  That’s how we get results.