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It can be done

Wednesday 25 Jul 2018

I said last week that while the market is tough opportunities still exist to get deals done and our team proved that on the weekend. We achieved a 100% auction clearance rate. It was a great result that relied on a couple of key things…

There is no doubt in my mind that our agents achieved their weekend results because of their unfaltering determination to provide their clients with clear, consistent, honest information throughout the entire listing, marketing and auction campaign process.

What they told vendors was not necessarily always what they wanted to hear, but it was what they needed to know to make an informed decision. Our agents didn’t shy away from having the tough conversations required to ensure vendors understood the impact of the market shift and evaluate what was the best decision to make given their personal circumstances and the market conditions.

At the same time our agents had the experience and established client relationships that enabled them to have equally honest conversations with the potential buyers about the underlying value of property because they have long specialised in residential property in the area.  They have been in the business long enough to have seen the cycles come and go and as such they have the experience to adapt and make the most and manage changing expectations. 

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t easy. On the contrary, it was tough, but negotiations founded firmly on honesty and trust ensured both the buyers and the vendors and buyers could both make choices and decisions they felt were right.  The deals were done.

I really want to encourage buyers and potential vendors to keep talking. Now might not be the right time for you to list but don’t automatically assume that’s the right decision. There is real value in discussing what you want to achieve with agents who are out there testing the market every day. 

…and for the record, our team has just been nominated as Finalists across six different categories of the NSW Real Estate Institute annual awards so I’m proud to say we are acknowledged as among the best in the business!