Ewan's Blog

Unpacking the premium market

Wednesday 24 Jul 2019

Our team of sales agents have negotiated several high-end, high value property sales in recent weeks and I’ve been looking at how Morton specialises in supporting and delivering our clients success in the premium property market. What does it mean and what does it take? My conclusions might surprise you…

The thing about the ‘premium’ market is that it doesn’t actually come with a definition, although I recognise most would probably agree that it relates to high value properties that command multi-millions of dollars. 

Morton agents are highly experienced in listing and presenting prestige properties. With decades of experience specialising in Pyrmont, Woolloomooloo and the Sydney CBD our team have established an undisputed reputation and enviable database of loyal, high net worth clients who value the advice and trust the skills of our agents to negotiate deals on properties worth many millions.

At the same time Morton also services clients across the wider suburbs of Sydney, with offices in Crows Nest, Penrith, Wentworth Point and Riverwood where the property values do not necessarily reach into the millions. 

So here’s the thing. At Morton we believe we offer a premium service to our premium clients. 

But at Morton we consider ALL our clients to be premium. 

We offer the same focussed approach to service and results to every vendor and every buyer irrespective of the dollar value of their property. We respect that for every one of our clients their property sale or property purchase will represent a significant investment. Whether it is a $500,000 or $5,000,000 home, we aim to deliver the same premium service.

Sure, our team can talk the talk with the top end of town. There is no doubt that multi-million dollar premium properties attract buyers with certain expectations and the financial negotiations might be a little more complex. But our philosophy to service remains the same.

We provide clients with in depth information and honest advice so every Morton client feels empowered to make an informed property decision.