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A little can mean a lot

Wednesday 23 Oct 2019

You know that deja vu feeling you get when you’re talking to your kids and you realise you’re saying the same thing you have said one thousand times before? You could stop repeating yourself but you know it’s too important to let them forget the message. That’s me this week. I have said it many times before but I’m going to say it again. In residential property a little can mean a lot…

Any property transaction involves a big commitment and big numbers. Whether choosing a new home to buy or a new property to rent they are big decisions. And that’s exactly why the little things matter.

As his title suggests Morton’s Business Growth Manager, Nick Frankel, is always looking for ways to support the financial goals of our clients and this week he provided some incredibly important, but perhaps surprisingly simple, reminders for investors looking to ensure they maximise rental returns and minimise days vacant.

Just as we recommend for a sales campaign quality, professional photography is vital to capture the attention of potential purchasers, and it is an equally important investment for those looking to rent their property. In the age of social media we have become attuned to perfectly curated spaces and lifestyles so your listing needs to meet those expectations. Every image is a crucial chapter in the story of a property and a professional photographer will help ensure it’s a bestseller. 

Providing a detailed floorplan of the property is also essential for both a rental and sales campaign. Statistics from realestate.com.au reveal that one in three image views online are of floorplans. Interested parties attracted by great photos then want to know if the practicalities of the property will work for them. 

And for the record our agents will often recommend investing in preparing quality marketing material even for properties that are going to be presented off-market so they have prestige brochures and images to help ignite the interest of their database.

Finally it’s important to invest in the right marketing package so your listing remains at the top of any online search. 96% of property purchases start online but even for a decision as big as a new home there is no getting away from the fact that everyone is time poor. Make it as easy as possible for them to find your listing.

Our agents will always provide clients with advice that best meets their needs with a view to delivering the best possible outcome.  It doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes the best strategies are the easiest and a little can mean a lot.