Ewan's Blog

Standing Tall

Tuesday 29 Oct 2019

I speak often about the importance of people in our industry, and in particular our business. The determination, commitment and professionalism of our team are what drives our success, and the respect we share for the contributions of every single employee is the foundation of our strength. And when it comes to respect there is one man in our business who has stood tallest from the very beginning…

At the tender age of 80 retirement called our founding Partner, Mark Morton, twenty-three years after taking the brave and bold step of going into business with me, his green and keen youngest son. 

What a ride we’ve had as we’ve navigated the inevitable waves and troughs of the Sydney real estate cycle and the amazing changes technology has opened up to our industry. Morton & Morton has grown and transformed. Now known simply as Morton we are a business with over 70 staff, 8 offices and more than 3500 properties under management, but I am incredibly proud that under the quiet but firm and watchful gaze of Mark Morton one thing has never changed: Our integrity and determination to make a difference for our clients.

Mark has never demanded respect but through his every word and action he earned it. Throughout his long career Mark’s peers, clients and staff have always held his wisdom and opinion in the highest regard. He set the benchmark for our business in terms of diligence, courtesy and respect and those are the traits we strive to encourage in every member of our ever-growing team.

He has never sought prominence or been comfortable in the limelight – many would say he left that to me but Mark was a key supporter of every innovation we implemented in our business and when we had him on-side with an idea we instinctively knew it would work.

That he has continued working in the business until this, his 80th year is a testament to his value and his passion for the profession.

For anyone out there wondering if real estate is a career choice that can deliver life-long challenges, rewards and satisfactions I encourage you to think of Mark. Physically and metaphorically he stands tall as an example that ours is most definitely a profession that will keep you motivated, stimulated, excited and, yes, more than a little exhausted, for a very long time.

Enjoy your retirement Mark.