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It Matters

Tuesday 26 Nov 2019

I wanted to write about this topic a few weeks ago but then I got busy and distracted with other things. However, the fact is being busy should not be an excuse and given I’ve never been one to avoid the tough topics now is the right time to talk.

Ours is a high stake, high energy profession. It takes a lot to be the best in the business and to maintain the highest level of service, support and results when the market is hot, and when it’s not.

We expect a lot of the team at Morton, but our business is conscious that our people are our most valuable assets and so supporting their physical and mental wellbeing is incredibly important. Mental health needs to be a focus, as well as providing strategies and support for managing stress and building resilience. 

The challenge of juggling the pressures of our profession, indeed the pressures of everyday life are real. It can be overwhelming.

I think it is something to be proud of that our team felt empowered enough in our workplace to identify positive mental health as an important issue. The information provided by The Black Dog Institute was incredibly practical, and as individuals and as a business we now have more knowledge about how to identify and support those who may be struggling and to make positive choices in our own lives. 

Why do I tell you this?  

Because it matters. Within our business, it matters that our staff know we care, that they can speak out and that we are prepared to be proactive to support them.

I think it also matters to our clients that we put people first. Our aim to help our clients make the right property decisions so they can achieve their property goals. To do that we need to foster a positive, empowered workplace that supports every member of the team. 

The strength of our business comes down to the fact that our teams work so collaboratively. They share ideas, discuss issues and search for solutions together in order to achieve the best possible result for our clients. With the insights we have been given thanks to The Black Dog Institute we are now better placed to understand the challenges and identify solutions around mental health.

I think as a result we become a better business.