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Pragmatic Predictions

Happy New Year, although I’m not sure exactly what’s so new about it! It might be January, but it feels depressingly like we’re facing the same challenges as the last year, perhaps with some new ones thrown in for good measure. It begs the question - is there much to look forward to in the year ahead?  Of course, everyone will have a different opinion but despite the rough start I still hold high hopes for a positive year ahead. Yes, I acknowledge that it could be wishful thinking, but I’ve always been a ‘glass half full’ kinda guy and whilst I have never... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 19th January, 2022

What I know…

If ever we needed evidence of the danger of trying to predict the future, I think 2020 was it.  What a year. It is with that realisation in mind that I’m NOT going to use this, my first blog of 2021, to provide you with any level of prediction on what the next twelve months might deliver. Instead, I’ll focus on only what I know. I admit I did naively hope at the start of 2021 a miraculous switch would flick so we could leave the practical realities and risks of COVID behind.  Of course, we’ve quickly come to realise this... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 20th January, 2021