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The big questions

So, who is going to win? What will the outcome of the election this weekend mean for residential property and potentially what should we expect if the country ends up with a hung parliament and something of a Senate mish-mash? There are political and economic experts far wiser than me who remain unsure about what the electoral outcome will mean for the economy, and the property market, so quite frankly I’m not brave enough to make a prediction on the result. But perhaps the reality of the result of this election is somewhat less dramatic than we might think. We have seen... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 19th May, 2022

Time to thrive

As we all pull ourselves towards the end of another long, exhausting year I’ve been thinking about our team. The market strength throughout COVID surprised everyone and over the last two years, our team have worked tirelessly to overcome every obstacle to deliver on those opportunities. They have survived; indeed, they have thrived. Ours is a high energy, high demand profession. It’s big money, big responsibilities, high stakes, and high stress. I think the combination of adrenaline, mental agility and endurance required to operate successfully in residential real estate rivals that of a professional athlete, although that’s obviously an assumption given I’m... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 9th December, 2021

Property Predictions

Interesting predictions have come out this week looking at house value trends over the next couple of years. It’s obviously very worthwhile looking ahead and taking the time to analyse the implications of possible changes in social and economic activity, but at the same time, the last couple of years have been a graphic demonstration that in reality, we can never know what’s around the corner. The expectation is that residential property values will continue to rise throughout 2022 by anything up to 6%. That’s on top of the increase of over 22% we have seen over the last twelve months... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 24th November, 2021

Market Endurance

This week it has been hard to work out what to write about. It feels like it’s just a week, just like any other week, if you know what I mean. Actually, there has been a huge amount going on but there is one interesting thing that’s been missing… Usually, when the market is running as hot as it is right now it creates a real sense of energy and urgency. Buyers and vendors almost bubble with excitement and anticipation at the opportunities that come with favourable economic conditions that create strong demand. Right now, the activity is intense, there is a sense... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 18th November, 2021

Maintain the momentum

We had the latest CoreLogic numbers out last week which sparked the expected frenzy of excitement and analysis. The figures showed growth that continues to astound but with that comes real angst at the impact of the ever-growing value of residential property in Sydney. So, let’s take a look. The numbers for our business show the Sydney market upswing started in September last year. That timing took most people by surprise. It certainly did me. I had real concerns the proposed phasing out of COVID financial supports from September 2020 would dampen the market. Instead, it got hotter. CoreLogic shows Sydney has delivered... View article »
Posted in Ewan's Blog on 10th November, 2021