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402/35 Bowman Street, Pyrmont

Ian Qiu

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A light and spacious retreat with water views

In the vibrant real estate market of Pyrmont, Ian Qui made a remarkable sale of apartment 402/35 Bowman Street. The buyer's testimonial praises Ian’s exceptional guidance through a unique sales journey, emphasising the pivotal role his expertise played in securing their dream home. The vendor's testimonial echoes this sentiment, acknowledging Ian and his team for transforming their selling experience marked by a record sale for the building.

The distinctive aspect of the sale process lies in the property's 77-day journey on the market. Despite the initial challenges posed by the owner's unique taste in furniture and original attributes, Ian’s strategic intervention proved transformative. Approval for internal painting and styling breathed new life into the space, leading to a vacant canvas that, when professionally cleaned and repainted, unveiled a fresh and bright property. Contemporary styling, accompanied by re-photographing and a re-launch on online platforms, successfully captured buyer appreciation. Within two inspections, an offer and acceptance were secured at an impressive $3,075,000, setting a new building record.

The decision to invest in styling and renovations showcased the property optimally, contributing to its record sale price. This underlines the importance of strategic cosmetic enhancements in maximising market appeal.

Notably, the sale of 402/35 Bowman Street set a new record for "Knox on Bowman"/35 Bowman Street, Pyrmont, highlighting the success of Ian’s strategic approach. The property's unique features, including one of the largest three-bedroom floor plans in Jacksons Landing, double-facing orientation with a north-facing aspect and an open courtyard, further added to its appeal.

Ian Qui's expertise and strategic intervention in presenting 402/35 Bowman Street resulted in a record sale, showcasing the significance of prioritising property presentation for outstanding outcomes in the real estate market. This case study stands as a testament to Ian’s ability to navigate challenges, turning them into opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

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