Eagle Protect Insurance

Eagle Protect is one of Australia’s leading landlord insurance providers, pairing real estate experts and insurance industry professionals to provide tailored insurance solutions for your investment property. Eagle Protect Select offers extra protection not typically covered in standard insurance policies, including cover for insured events (such as fire, storm and flood), loss of rent, accidental damage and tenant-related damage. Our insurance offering means that for a of a couple of hundred dollars a year, you will have the peace of mind that your property and income is protected.

Our in-house claims team is based in Sydney, so you’ll always speak to someone when you need it. Contact your Property Manager today for more information about this service.

Detector Inspector

We partner with property managers to make homes safer for tenants, and compliance simpler for landlords. Founded in 2005, Detector Inspector is one of Australia’s original testing and maintenance suppliers. Visiting over 300,000 properties each year across 6 states and territories, Detector Inspector provides smoke alarm, corded blind and water efficiency services. Contact your Property Manager today for more information about this service

Settle Easy

Settle Easy’s online conveyancing platform works with purchasers and sellers to assist them with the legal components of buying or selling a property. Their platform is available to use 24/7 and is home to Australia’s best local conveyancers and property lawyers who are experts in their field and can help with legal advice regarding you and your property. Contact them today on 1800 88 66 88 for more information about their reliable, secure, and hassle-free online conveyancing services.