Sky Services & Sky Management

Sky was formed on the foundation that every building offers a unique space and therefore, every property and development deserves the tailored care and attention to detail which benefit and compliment the lifestyle of its occupants and their guests.

We understand that today’s residential, commercial, and retail space comprises of vibrant living, social hubs, and communities for owners, occupants, and visitors . Whether it is your living or working space, you can put your feet up and rest assure that your investment and assets are being taken care of, meaning you can spend more time doing the things you love most.

Sky provides a residential, retail, and commercial building management service that is second to none. With a capacity to deliver on any scale, all whilst providing a professional, personable, and personalised service.

We focus on our core service offerings, and we do it well.

Detector Inspector

We partner with property managers to make homes safer for tenants, and compliance simpler for landlords. Founded in 2005, Detector Inspector is one of Australia’s original testing and maintenance suppliers. Visiting over 300,000 properties each year across 6 states and territories, Detector Inspector provides smoke alarm, corded blind and water efficiency services. Contact your Property Manager today for more information about this service