Max Tanadechakul

Property Officer

About Max

Max Tanadechakul is a dedicated Property Officer at Morton, bringing a unique blend of customer service expertise and a background in architecture to the dynamic world of real estate. Originally from Thailand, Max joined Morton in September 2023, driven by a passion for real estate and a desire to work in a supportive environment with a diverse team. With three years of prior customer service experience, Max is committed to trustworthiness, enthusiasm, and goal-oriented approach sets him apart in the industry.


In his personal life, Max is a fitness enthusiast dedicated to bodybuilding and gym activities, reflecting his commitment to a balanced lifestyle. Residing in the CBD for the past five years, Max is intimately familiar with the region. His family, which includes three dogs, two Labrador Retrievers, and one Golden Retriever, highlights his affection for pets. Max looks forward to contributing to the success of the Pyrmont Team at Morton and building a lifelong career in real estate, driven by his love for customer service.