Devak Arutla

Sales Associate to David Lipman

About Devak

Devak Arutla joins Morton with a bachelor’s in computer science and certifications in Property Services and Building/Construction, Devak spent over 2 years as a Site Supervisor at Krish Developments Pty Ltd, paving the way for his transition into leasing. Known for his passion and detail-oriented approach, Devak's strengths lie in assisting clients in finding the perfect match for their properties. What sets him apart is his genuine passion for the work, a quality often praised by past clients. Leveraging his construction background, he offers landlords and investors transparency, respect, and a unique perspective.

Devak approaches his role with dedication, aiming for excellence in every interaction. In the real estate industry, he positions himself as a Property Specialist, emphasizing kindness and tailored solutions. Beyond work, Devak contributes to the community through food donations for the homeless. In his free time, he can be found either hitting the gym or exploring new places and restaurants, appreciating the diversity of people in the areas he serves.