A call for help

It is quite fascinating to realise that whenever the residential property market moves, regardless of whether that move is up or down, there is always the same response. A call for help. What’s going to happen? What should I do? And so, it is right now.

When the market is strong our team of Sales Agents find their phones running hot. Potential buyers and vendors are eager to seek advice from our experts on how to navigate that demand to achieve the best possible personal property outcome.

Equally, when the market is easing, the phones also ring hot. Often those calling are people who are already active in the market. Their anxiety is high, and concerns are legitimate. Am I about to pay too much? What does this mean for the value of my property? What can I do? What should I do?

Those are very important phone calls and if a client hasn’t called then our team will proactively reach out to ensure we have those conversations. It’s important to recognise the reality that market conditions can change quickly and that can require a change in strategy. Talking through options is important.

And that’s what we’re here for. Our aim is to provide facts and strategies so our clients can continue to have confidence in their property decisions.

In an easing market, it’s not an easy conversation to have with a vendor. Often clients will readily acknowledge the general market change but remain steadfast in a belief their own property should be immune. No way. Not me. Not mine.

But it is a conversation that needs to be had. With another rise in interest rates this week and the Reserve Bank signalling further rises are highly likely in the near future the market is going to be awash with doubt, anxiety and indecision.

There is no magic pathway along which to proceed to achieve success. However, there is a myriad of different options and strategies that can be put in place to help counter changing scenarios. In light of the changing dynamics, our team will be discussing timeframes and property goals with clients. They’ll be talking through short- and long-term scenarios and options to achieve the right outcome.

And no. I’m not suggesting the only option to an easing market is to automatically and immediately drop the price. Actually, that’s exactly my point. With the right honest advice, planning and preparation a campaign strategy can be adjusted with agility and confidence rather than any sense of dread or desperation.  

So, let’s chat. We are here to help.