Achieving Success

You might recall that last week I wrote about how, like the weather, different areas across Sydney can experience different market forces at the same time.  This week it might therefore seem a little contradictory to say that the way to achieve property success varies very little irrespective of those differing markets. And in a week focussed so intently on ‘winning’ across so many different scenarios I have clear thoughts on how to do it.

Perhaps I should start by providing a dash of credibility to my position by revealing that earlier this week the Morton Sales Team were again awarded the prestigious Sales Team of the Year accolade by the Real Estate Institute of NSW. 

It marks the fourth consecutive year the exceptional work of our team has been recognised within our profession and I think it is a remarkable achievement.

And I think it validates my point.  The Morton Sales Team are recognised as leaders in what is a highly competitive profession and they achieve that recognition because they are prepared to follow what Morton has crafted as a very deliberate process to secure success for our clients.

That structured process delivers the best possible results for client’s year in, year out. It means our team can deliver those results in tough market conditions and when the market is booming.  They deliver for clients across all market segments, from Penrith to Pyrmont, Wentworth Point to Woolloomooloo.

Of course, every property is different, and the goals of every vendor are different. The process our team follows is not about executing the exact same marketing campaign for every property.  It is about covering every base to present the property perfectly, generate a good level of interest, encourage competition between potential buyers and then be in a position and have the skills to negotiate the best possible price.

When I write it out like that it sounds almost obvious.  Perhaps it is but staying focussed on that process and executing it efficiently and professionally are what Morton does best.  And they do it as a team.

Every agent in our team meets every week to analyse every listing and share their experiences, to practice their skills and find solutions to any hurdles that might have risen on the road to securing a deal.  Our clients get the personal dedication of their chosen agent supported by the wisdom and experience of our whole team.

It is why our team does consistently deliver results regardless of the varied market conditions that might exist across Sydney.