Are we there yet?

Anyone else struggling a little? It feels like we’re all limping to cross the finish line in the unexpected endurance event that has been 2020.  The thing is, this year has proved beyond doubt that property never stops, so whilst I know all in the Morton team are keenly looking forward to the festive season, we are equally ready to dig in and keep going because there is still work to do.

Yes, there is a universal feeling of exhaustion after what has been a long and challenging year, but I can assure you that nobody is complaining as we find ourselves still working hard to get deals done even in these last weeks before Christmas.  We’re not there yet but finishing the year on a high will be worth the effort.

And the thing is, I don’t anticipate any significant lull in activity over the festive season nor in the new year.  The tradition of a Summer break in property transactions has been fading over recent years and this year I expect we will see no sign of a slowdown. 

Our team are preparing for a busy January. 

Yes, many will still seize the opportunity for a traditional Summer holiday with family and friends but this year more than ever I think the practicality of being on holidays won’t dampen determination to find and secure a good property opportunity. 

We have all learnt as a result of the practical necessities of lockdown how to navigate doing business remotely and I feel that there has been a dramatic increase in the confidence of our clients who are prepared to make confident property decisions without having to be physically present.

As such our team are ready to take calls from clients sitting on the beach or on the verandah of a relative’s country farmhouse.  We can facilitate zoom tours of properties from Pyrmont to Penrith while potential buyers might be visiting friends in Perth.  Our systems allow documents to be sent and signed seamlessly and securely. The team is ready to make things happen.

So, whilst we are all looking forward to seeing the end of the extraordinary year that has been 2020, we are already primed for another exciting and marathon year in 2021.

Please note Morton offices will be closed from Wednesday 23rd December and reopen Monday 11th January. For urgent matters, please call 1300 858 221 between 9am to 5pm weekdays.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a relaxing break.
See you next year!