Be a survivor

I am absolutely passionate about growth.  Growth for our clients and growth of our business is pretty much the key driver of everything I do. Every day, and remember, I’ve been working in this industry for over 30 years now.  I think that qualifies me as a survivor.

It’s easy to sit back and revel in the opportunities that come with the current market strength but to be a survivor in residential real estate Morton has always been determined to outwit, outplay and outlast.  That said, I should highlight here that contrary to the approach often taken on the tv reality show, in real estate it isn’t about being sneaky or underhanded. It’s actually about being clear, open and honest, at times cautious, but always considered. 

Yes, it is about being ready to take advantage of opportunities as they arise but equally it is about being prepared. And that is exactly the foundation of support and advice our team provide their clients.  Honest, clear, open communication and advice, including encouragement, to be prepared and sometimes to be cautious. 

With that approach, growth will be achieved.

In the depths of the COVID restrictions last year our team focussed on what we needed to do to ensure we could survive but we never lost sight of our longer-term goal of growth.   We did plan for the worst, but we also identified opportunities to grow our business and set plans in place to do just that. 

Our vision was that to outlast any economic downturn we needed to find ways to outwit the barriers to our business growth and then be prepared to carefully execute considered plans so we could outplay the competition. 

Our plan has been to find the right people, with the right skills and the right mindset so that we can continue to provide exactly the right service to our clients.  We started hiring new team members at the end of 2020 and our recruitment drive continues apace.

So, I have to say the excitement within our business right now is generated as much by the strong market conditions as by the strength we see in our future as we bring new team members on board.