Change is everywhere

It’s a bit of a theme right now, isn’t it? Change.  Government, leaders, the weather….and they’re just the things we know about.  Sometimes the changes are clear, obvious and unfold right in front of us like in the recent election. At other times the changes are more subtle and harder to see. So, I wonder if you’ve noticed that we’ve made some changes here at Morton?

There is always a lot going on at Morton. I’d like to think that our business operates a bit like an elegant swan.  We appear calm, composed and unchangingly graceful on the surface whilst under the water, our team are paddling like mad to ensure we are ready to navigate any challenges and stay ahead of the flock.

At Morton, much of that determined, energetic paddling is carried out by our amazing team of support staff.  Reliable, capable, and uncompromising they work behind the scenes to help turn ideas, possibilities and plans into practical reality both on-time and on-budget.

I’m incredibly proud of that team who have quietly delivered a slick new website.

They have done so whilst navigating the challenges of the changing market, the uncertainties of COVID and the immense workload that comes from an ever-growing team of Morton sales and property management agents each securing rapid-fire listings and results for their clients.

And if you don’t notice much of a change on the website that’s okay. That’s the point!  It’s different but the same. Our business and our commitment to delivering our clients exceptional service and results remain unchanged.

We stand by our belief that our clients can expect to get more with Morton. The new website is the same, but it is also different as it provides more flexibility and scope to promote and prioritise, communicate and interact with new and existing clients, and promote our skills, successes and our staff.  It’s another way we can stay ahead of the flock.

Morton continually looks for opportunities to refine and improve what we do.  The quality, capacity, and integrity of our IT platform are integral to ensuring everyone in our business can deliver on our promise to our clients. You can expect more from Morton. That will never change.