Discovering and delivering value

Without getting into the politics of it all I think it’s interesting to realise much of the debate around events before and after the US election, domestically around Australia Day and even globally around responses to the COVID pandemic all relate in some way to values.  Our values underpin decisions and actions and at Morton we work very hard to ensure our values are more than just words on a page.

With school and university students returning to class, it always feels like now is the real start of the working year even though many of us have been back at our desks for a while now and I’m sure we are not the only business starting by laying out goals and ambitions for the year ahead. 

But at Morton, this isn’t something we do just once a year.  We don’t set and forget. Our goals are based on our values.  We aim to articulate those values in every action we take every day and every month we check in on achievement and celebrate the success of teammates who demonstrate those values.

They are not a considered catchphrase we use in marketing material. Our values are our motivation and our moral compass that drives our success.

For our clients, we aim for every interaction with our team at every level to establish trusted relationships based on our passion for excellence, superior expertise, respected professionalism and through those mechanisms our ability to deliver exceptional results.

We believe those trusted relationships and results will be achieved because each individual team member is encouraged to believe they have limitless opportunity, and which will be reached by focussing on delivering unwavering substance. With remarkable teamwork and each team member recognising their own capacity to contribute to empowered leadership we can succeed as individuals and as a business.

They are the Morton values.  They underpin our annual KPIs and our monthly targets but most importantly they also are the foundations on which we make decisions every day. So now if you will excuse me, I’ll go and get busy.