Diversity and service

Over recent weeks we have been hiring. It’s exciting to be expanding our team and fascinating to really focus on what experience and qualities make for a successful real estate professional. I’m very proud of the fact our team is as diverse as the precincts in which we specialise, the properties we manage and sell, and the clients we aim to service. So, what do the team at Morton each have in common?

Our team is incredibly diverse in age, experience, education, and ethnicity. I love that we have people on staff who together can speak over 25 different languages. It’s a little embarrassing to admit I only speak English! 

However regardless of education or experience the one thing every member of our team shares is an absolute passion for service. That’s the core of what we do and it’s a commitment to service that I look for when interviewing potential new recruits.

Because the thing is, much of what we do in property management and property sales can be taught. Don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly not saying it’s easy. It is technical and is often challenging and stressful to adhere to the strict legislative and professional requirements. But it is knowledge that can be acquired.

I’ve been in this profession for a lot of years and I’m incredibly proud of the fact we have a great team of people who have worked with Morton for over a decade. Over that time and with that accumulated expertise we have been able to put in place processes and procedures to help support and guide new members as they join the team. 

At Morton, we also focus heavily on both continuing professional development and mentoring relationships. It’s not just new team members who are learning. All our staff are consistently challenged to be open to new ideas, so we have a culture encouraging development rather than any stigma from striving to know more.

In contrast, I don’t think you can teach what Morton offers our clients, which is a commitment to providing quality service. We can set expectations and provide guidelines, but it is actually the personal passion for service that motivates Morton staff to go beyond the expected. To find ways to deliver exceptional service and results for their clients. It is an attitude. A philosophy. A commitment.

That’s what I have been looking for as I’ve conducted interviews and I’m incredibly excited to welcome the new recruits to our team. They each have unique skills and experience but they each share a drive to succeed, to learn, to improve and contribute to Morton continuing to set the benchmark for client service and satisfaction. 

And while we celebrate the fabulous diversity of our team we also appreciate what we have in common.