Don’t ever be afraid to ask.

I have written before about the immense amount of information now available to buyers and vendors keen to do their own research before making decisions about residential real estate. Information is powerful and it’s great that clients take the time to get a handle on the market. In saying that I also want to present two important recommendations. If you are a zealous market follower, researcher, and property participant my first recommendation is to always remain open to new information. Be prepared to see different scenarios which might open new opportunities. There may be many ways to achieve your property goals. Different avenues to generate investment growth or do a deal. The very best results will be achieved when a client brings with them information as well as an open mind. The best real estate agents will recognise that strength and together the agent and client make a powerful partnership.

At Morton, our sales teams continuously gather that information on behalf of our clients. Our agents combine a thirst for knowledge with extensive experience in the industry and in their precincts. They understand local value, growth, returns, costs, layouts, and comparisons. They know the buildings, the streets, they know the Body Corporate regulations, and, in most cases, they also know Committee. Then there is the extraordinary and established Morton network of financial, regulatory, building, development, and design professionals to consult if clients need that extra level of support to feel confident about a plan to move forward. So, again, my recommendation is to remain open to different ideas to deliver your property dream.

My second recommendation is just as important. Don’t ever be afraid to ask. No question is too silly. No query is too small. If you are not sure. If you don’t understand. If you are confused, concerned or just simply exhausted: Ask. Our team is there to answer every question. Every time. Our aim is to proactively provide clients with the information they need so they can make the right property decision. If we don’t know the answer because it requires formal or specialist advice, we will get it for you. Don’t think you’ll figure it out later. Ask today.

You don’t have to know everything. That’s our job and our team works tirelessly to ensure we can deliver on that promise every day for every client. That’s because the same two recommendations I make to clients I expect of our team. Everyone at Morton is continually challenged to remain open to learning new things and new ways to maximise the potential that exists and might be emerging for our clients. They are also encouraged to ask questions so the expertise in our business is continually shared. That makes for a powerful partnership for our clients.