Emotion and Leadership

So, this week we have the promised rent relief package from the NSW Government. I’m not sure what everyone was expecting and I’m sure there will be many disappointed, but it’s good to see some financial relief for landlords with the incentive they must pass that on to their tenants. I acknowledge the measures won’t fix everything and I know emotions are still running very high across our client base.  Recognising that reality, I’ve told our team when dealing with clients that they must show leadership, not emotion.  It might sound tough, but here’s why….

Of course, it’s valid for clients to be stressed in these times of extraordinary uncertainty.  Of course, contemplating the security of your home and/or a significant financial investment is going to be emotional.  Of course, our team is going to have empathy.

But the fact is in times of stress and emotion I believe what our clients need from us is guidance. They need the facts. They need leadership.  As Property Managers and as Sales Agents we need to step up and help our tenants and our landlords make the right decisions given the reality of the circumstances they are facing.  

And as much as it might feel like the world has been turned upside down the fact remains, we also need to ensure our clients are meeting their legal obligations in terms of the Residential Tenancy Act and Residential Tenancy Agreements. 

We need to be working with landlords through the practicalities of possible rent reductions versus the financial implications of potential property vacancy.  We need to stand ready to have tough discussions with tenants seeking support who may not be able to legitimately justify hardship.  On behalf of all our clients who rely on our independence, integrity and property business experience we need to remain just that, businesslike.

As always, we need to ensure we work in the best interests of our clients.  Is now the right time to sell?  Maybe, but whilst our team has amazing experience, great contacts and expert negotiating skills they cannot magic the prices or conjure the demand to deliver what owners might ‘need’.  What our Sales Agents will do is provide honest clear advice and options unclouded by emotion.  The decision on whether to go to market and what price is acceptable is always going to be for the owner based on the comprehensive information provided.

We are living in a highly emotional climate. None of us are immune to the horror of the international death toll nor the widespread impact of the lockdown on communities and individuals.  It is impossible not to have empathy for the struggles so many are facing, however for us to provide our clients with the support they need we need to show leadership, not emotion.

That’s our job.