Ewan’s Hot Take: Landlord vs. Tenant

The real estate market is experiencing high-end property auctions this week, and the indications look good. However, the increasing noise of landlords versus tenants is also causing concern. The Office of Fair Trading has requested information and opinions on potential changes to rental laws, which has sparked debate. While tenants are essential, landlords are also an essential part of the property market. Landlords are an important part of the investor community, and they are crucial to fuel the off-plan sales that will help solve the housing crisis. However, some of the new rental rules may be causing landlords to exit the market, reducing the stock available for tenants. For example, the rule that landlords can only increase rent once every 12 months may lead to landlords becoming more aggressive with rent increases, causing tenants to move. It is important to consider the consequences of new rules and regulations before implementing them. Balancing the needs of both tenants and landlords is essential to maintain a healthy real estate market.