Ewan’s Hot Take: The Investor Market

Morton’s September and October transactions have been ok, but the real estate market in general is patchy. But why? There are a few reasons. We’ve seen a lot of landlords looking to sell their investment property due to the increase in interest rates with rents not keeping pace. With sales prices looking ok, many landlords are taking the opportunity to exit out of the market. Right now, there are limited investors in the market to buy and those that are, are looking to rent for a short period of time to ultimately live in the property. This means the investor stock market is taking longer to sell and doesn’t always get the sale price wanted. There appears to be a lot of uncertainty. With interest rates now sitting at the 4-5% mark, the question is being asked whether the increases have had the desired impact. Another question is being asked if they will drop back down to the 1-2% mark eventually, but potentially not. Interesting to see how it will pan out, but we are still seeing good results.