Ewan’s Property Market Hot-Take: Quick Update on the Market | Leadership in the Real Estate

Quick Update on the Market

I am pleased to say the market is doing better, across all price brackets.
This may have something to do with interest rates plateauing and inflation seemingly under control, giving buyers the signal it’s ok to transact.
Or at least that’s what the media is telling us…

Leadership in the Real Estate Industry

I was fortunate to hear Barack Obama speak as well as attend a conference called RISE recently and have learnt a lot about leadership. You may not know this, but as a business, we’re invested in supporting our people and increasing their leadership skills, so they can lead our clients better.
We’re also particularly focussed on mental health, as the mental health of our property management and sales clients reflects on us. We spend a lot of time thinking and talking about how we can help our clients through issues like interest rate rises, which can and does create waves of emotion from our clients that we must manage.