Expecting it

Now is one of those times when we are all feeling the truth of the idea that knowing something is coming doesn’t automatically mean we’re ready for it to arrive. Emotions can run high which is why planning is so important.

Knowing it. Expecting it. Preparing for it. Bracing for it. All these things are good, but the reality, as we are seeing played out around the world at the moment, is often none of those things will actually minimise the intensity of the event when it eventually does happen.

Changing circumstances, whether they be personal, work, family or economic nearly always come with a degree of anxiety, discomfort and often sorrow. Navigating change can be incredibly difficult which is why taking the time to try to consider every possible scenario in advance of an expected event is important. 

Think of every possibility and identify options to address every single one of them. Knowing you have a plan for each circumstance can minimise the risk of mistakes made on the run at those exact moments when things might feel a little out of your control.

Those are the words of advice I have given my children as they have faced the pressure of exams or the anxiety of making life choices such as university courses and jobs. Take the time to think it through and take every possible opportunity to talk it through with people you trust so you feel empowered with a plan.

I encourage our team to offer the same advice to their clients. The pressure and anxiety around buying and selling property are intense at any time. I acknowledge that right now when so many key economic factors appear to be so unpredictable, it can feel daunting to try to make a definitive plan. 

But that’s exactly when it is most important. Our team are there to help clients work through every possible scenario. They present options. They sit with clients to determine if this happens, and then we can do that. It sets expectations and identifies solutions.

By doing so when things start to overwhelm or feel out of control our clients are secure in the knowledge they are still on the right path to deliver the right outcome that will successfully lead them into the future.