Getting on with it – safely

Right. This week I’m not going to give you my opinion. In this blog, I always tell the truth as I see it and I like to present my thoughts on market movement and challenges. But this week I’m just going to give you the facts. How exactly can you go about engaging with the property market safely in a lockdown? Across leasing, listings, and sales, this is what we’re doing.

First and foremost, what we’re doing is following guidelines as set by the NSW Government. Our team are following stay-at-home orders, but Morton has the technology and systems in place to offer all clients the ability to process all inspections, legal and administrative paperwork online with complete security.

For Leasing clients, Morton is still facilitating enquiries and inspections which can be booked online. Our team can organise COVID safe in-person inspections. As per requirements, these will be limited to one person at a time, but we can also offer virtual inspections. All paperwork can be completed remotely, and we have the technology to legally verify online signatures giving clients that additional level of security.

For Morton vendors and purchasers, we also have the systems in place to maintain activity and quality service. As always our Award-winning sales team remains focussed on the core activities we know drives successful property outcomes.

We continue to contact our vendors every day to inform them of interest and activity in their property. We know that providing daily feedback provides the strongest foundation of evidence if discussions on price adjustments are required in light of changing circumstances.

In terms of potential buyers, I can report the latest restrictions have not led to a drop off in interest and we remain very conscious that attractingmultiple interested parties is key to securing the best possible price for a property. To that end, we are managing interest within COVID restrictions. Our team continues to work the phones and they’re making themselves available for by-appointment inspections and video tours.  

So basically, what I want you all to know is that we’re getting on with it. We’re prioritising the safety of our team and our clients, and we are confident that we have in place the systems to achieve that whilst also achieving good property outcomes for our clients.