Getting ready

As a way of keeping our team motivated and engaged throughout lockdown, we have been running a daily step challenge. It’s been a great way to productively utilise spare time while socialising has been restricted and to get prepared and ready for Summer. Interestingly I think many of our clients have been doing the same thing in terms of their residential property goals. They’re getting ready, and that is exciting.)

The team at Morton have spent a lot of time on the phone over the last few months. We’ve been doing what we always do in fielding calls from prospective purchasers and vendors, but we have also been putting the time in to call clients simply to check-in. With so much uncertainty in our lives, the team feel it is important to reach out and make themselves available to answer questions and proactively help address any property owners, landlords and tenants concerns.

And as it turns out many of those clients have been using their own lockdown spare time doing research and getting ready for a potential wave of activity when life returns to the new post-COVID ‘normal’. They have been getting themselves property fit for Summer. 

That’s fantastic. In residential real estate, preparation can really be a game-changer.

For those thinking of selling while stock levels are low, and demand remains high there have been some hidden benefits to having to stay within their own LGA. Daily walks have become scouting opportunities to get an up-to-date sense of exactly what’s on offer in the local area with evenings spent online tracking down recent sales of comparative properties. 

It is incredibly useful to have that realistic understanding of the local market before deciding to list. Of course, our team of sales agents will always provide that insight and build on existing client research with a detailed analysis of local market activity. Our team provides clients with comprehensive market analysis, research, and market knowledge to support every estimated guide price.

Our team have also been supporting potential vendors with advice on how to prepare their property for listing, such as carrying out the ultimate Spring clean! They talk through with clients the cost benefits of undertaking a property refresh prior to listing. Will the return be worth the spend?

The upshot of all this lockdown preparation is that it bodes well for continuing strong market activity even as we hopefully adjust to life out of lockdown. We might all get too busy catching up with friends again to maintain the discipline of meeting a daily step challenge, but I think the property preparations and planning undertaken over recent months will play out and make the coming months busier than ever.

And our step challenge will ensure we are fit and ready to help clients secure the results they want to achieve.