Help. That’s not a plea. It’s a statement. We are here. There are so many things we’re learning as a result of the pandemic but perhaps one of the most important is the value of community and the importance of truthful, factual information. At Morton, we’re certainly feeling the sense of the community that exists within our team, but we’re also very conscious of the role we can play supporting our community of clients. We are here to help…

‘Our home is our castle’ is an often-used expression but the last 18 months have proved it more than ever before, although over the last few weeks of lockdown that castle may have felt something more akin to a cage!

Lockdown has brought with it immense uncertainty and we are very aware our clients may be feeling anxious and stressed about the impact it will have on their home, property investment or their ability to meet ongoing mortgage and rental payments.

Our team are here to help. We are here to listen. We are here as a source of facts, and we are here to support our clients to make informed choices about how to best manage the challenges of the current situation.

We do not profess to know exactly what the future holds. As is always the case there are no guarantees and that is no different in a pandemic. 


Information provides some level of control that can help ease the stress of uncertainty and provide a level of power to help fuel confidence in decision making. What the team at Morton will do for our clients is gather all available information. We will provide comprehensive data on what is currently happening in the market together with analysis gathered by our team based on decades of experience following trends in the residential property market.

From there, our team will work with clients to support and enact whatever decision our clients choose to make with unwavering commitment to deliver them the very best possible outcome.

So let me say it again. We are here to help.