High Speed, High Pressure Profession

I recently recommended our team watch the Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’. I started watching it for pure entertainment but was surprised that as well as high-drama I actually saw significant parallels between the high-speed, high-stakes world of Formula One racing and Sydney residential property…and thankfully many differences too!

While residential property is obviously not a life or death profession it is a high pressure, high-stakes environment. We are often supporting our clients as they make decisions around their biggest financial investment, their life savings, their home.

To deliver the right outcomes for our clients and achieve success in our profession requires a high level of determination and a high level of commitment.

The small things matter. The best agents ensure every possible angle is covered, every opportunity examined. In residential property that means identifying all means for marketing, contacting and conversing with potential buyers and renters. Chat, check, revisit, rework, follow-up and follow-through until a deal is done.

At Morton we expect individuals to work hard, to seek continuous improvement, but equally to recognise there will always be an opportunity to grow and learn. We acknowledge that a driver without a strong, unified team is doomed to fail.

Achieving success in residential property is achieved when the teams work together with a clear and undaunted focus on the end goal. Leaving ego aside. A willingness to look beyond what is ‘expected’. A determination to break records and set new benchmarks combined with a commitment to quality, integrity and service.

Great communication is essential. Taking responsibility for your own role is critical but the very best results are achieved when team members are ready to lend a hand and support their colleagues.

We may not be in a high-performance sports car but the common goal of delivering premium service and positive property outcomes is what drives our individual staff and our teams here at Morton. As the market continues to accelerate we are working harder and faster to ensure we stay ahead of the pack.