In the zone…

Does anyone else feel like we’re living in a twilight zone? Days endlessly blending into each other with nowhere to go and no end in sight. It’s tough, but even in this environment, our clients are still looking to the future. They still making plans and doing deals.

It is fair to say that lockdown has put somewhat of a dampener on the quantity of queries being received by the Morton team across both sales and property management, however before you panic, let me stress that isn’t automatically a reason to despair.

The fact is the QUALITY of the queries being fielded are incredibly strong. Those who are sufficiently motivated to navigate the complexities of safely executing a property deal during a pandemic lockdown are pretty clearly in the zone and serious about making a move. 

In July our Morton Sales Team fielded over 2000 queries and secured 15 deals after an average of 35 days on market and an average price of $1,295,120.

In the same month, the Morton Property Management team fielded over 2300 queries, received 477 applications, managed to execute over 400 COVID-safe inspections, and successfully leased 137 properties.

I’m incredibly proud of the entire Morton team for their resilience, ability, and determination to work through the challenges of the lockdown to ensure clients who want or need to make a property move at this time are supported to achieve the best possible outcome. 

They’re well and truly in the zone, embracing positivity and delivering great results….although if they are anything like me their living room may be starting to look a little like the twilight zone!