Innovation to Personalisation

Over recent weeks our business has transitioned to a new system to help manage the administration requirements of our extensive property management portfolio. We have been very conscious that the idea of automation might lead people to assume we are stepping away from personalisation. In fact, the opposite is true. It is our fierce determination to deliver personal service that has motivated our latest business innovation.

There is a myriad complex administration required behind the scenes of our business. We are managing contracts and financial transfers on behalf of clients that all must be carefully completed, officiated, tracked, transferred, recorded, communicated, and filed.

It is important often detailed work that has traditionally been time-consuming. In adopting our new system our aim has been to automate every administrative task possible. We have systems in place that make each process simple, secure, and foolproof.

Our focus has not been about disengaging from our clients. It’s not about replacing our amazing team with robots or technology. We have updated our systems to manage the administration with confidence to give our team more capacity to handle the very personal and human elements that arise through our work.

Our team has more time to spend supporting clients. Whilst time-consuming the administration is often the easy bit. The real challenges associated with property management and residential property sales are derived from the complexities of human nature.

When our clients need us, most are those times when they’re facing moments of high stress or high emotion, struggling with the implications of unexpected events, poor choices, or circumstances out of their control. Those are complicated moments in life when it can be hard to know which way to turn.

That’s when our team step up.

Each of our team has the maturity, skill, and knowledge to support clients by looking at even the most delicate and complex of scenarios to find appropriate solutions, identify the pathway to achieve that outcome and work through each step to deliver it.

It often involves very challenging and sensitive conversations with clients. It might involve investigating legal options and liaising with insurance companies. It will nearly always guide disparate parties to find common ground.

That takes time, patience, empathy, experience, confidence, and care.

With our new systems efficiently and securely facilitating the administration the Morton team now has even more time to do what they do best, delivering personal service.