It’s happening

Yep. It’s happening. We’ve all learnt the hard way that it’s risky trying to predict anything while the world is enduring a pandemic but despite that risk, I did feel things were looking promising for the residential property market in the lead up to restrictions easing. So, I’m pleased for many reasons to see that promise coming to fruition if the numbers delivered by our team in September are anything to go by.

I’ve been incredibly proud of the work ethic and resilience shown by the Morton sales team. The last few months have been tough, as I know they have been for everyone, so the efforts of the team to keep finding ways to deliver strong outcomes for the clients has been extraordinary.

And the results they are achieving are extraordinary.

Across September the Morton sales teams across Sydney secured an average price of $1,689,564 and secured 23 property deals. That’s still down on where we would like to be, and what our team would deliver in a ‘normal’ month, but these have not been normal months with listings across the state at record low levels. For those properties, we have taken to market the results achieved for vendors have been extraordinary.

I should also highlight those deals were secured after an average of just 22 days on market. Yes, that’s right. From listing to sale, it has taken a little over three weeks to get a deal done. Buyers are ready to move, and our agents are moving fast to match them with their perfect property at the right price point.

Another interesting statistic to come out of our September sales analysis is the volume of enquiries we are receiving. The team is gathering more than double the number of queries from interested parties compared to our numbers for July. Again, it shows buyers are ready to move.

Thankfully we’re now also seeing more listings coming to market. I have said over recent weeks that the team has been working with many potential vendors throughout lockdown and many of those properties now coming online. With more clients enquiring, more properties to offer and more freedom for everyone to move around I anticipate a very strong market push through to the end of the year.

It’s all happening.