Keeping Track

It’s amazing to think how we have adapted to living with COVID. It’s not fun or convenient but wearing masks and checking-in are part of the new normal. They’re an important way we can take some control in these times when it feels like so many things are out of control. And it’s interesting to see that our clients are looking to do the same thing in terms of their finances and investments.

During the lockdown last year people shared ways they were passing the days and finding positivity and opportunity whilst activity and mobility was limited. Some started learning a new language, tried their hand at baking sourdough, took up gardening, jigsaws or knitting. Others took the opportunity to review their investments and we have seen the same thing happening this lockdown.

Our team of Sales Agents and Associates have been incredibly busy carrying out property appraisals for clients.

Many of those clients are very clear that they’re not seeking an appraisal with any intention of listing anytime soon. And that’s totally fine.

We have all seen the breathless reports that the market is booming so our team understand owners might be curious to know if they too could achieve a property premium. It’s a very good question and one that is certainly worth asking.

Our team are happy to provide an appraisal with no obligation or expectation that it will lead to a listing. It’s part of our service to offer up-to-date, factual, in-depth analysis on the value of what is often a primary investment.

Information is power. Information can provide reassurance. Information is the foundation on which plans can be formulated and decisions can be made, even if the decision is not to do anything.

Our agents will provide a guide on value, but they’ll also present and talk through options if they identify opportunities to increase that value by undertaking an internal refresh or styling options. Again, even if they have no intention of selling it is worthwhile knowing in advance what could or should be done to maximise value if an owner does decide to list.

So, I encourage property owners to keep track of how movements in the market might influence the value of their investment and to keep in touch with our team. We are here to help, and we have devised methods to conduct thorough appraisals whilst adhering to all COVID-safe protocols.

Consider giving one of our team a call while you wait for the sourdough to rise!!