July 2024 – The Great Landlord 

As a landlord we look towards not only ensuring that we invest wisely (“choose wisely” – from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) but also consider the affects, the goodwill to all, and security for not only the landlord but also to their tenant. 

To provide a property for tenancy is not a simple task and much is to be considered to become “The Great Landlord”.   

Through your managing agent you will excel at: 

  • addressing tenant concerns promptly and professionally, 
  • knowing your property, through regular inspections and handling repairs efficiently, 
  • being ethically responsible and compliant with legislation, (such as building safety checks, working smoke alarms, compliant pool fencing, compliant window locks and cords),  
  • understanding landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities, 
  • handling disputes professionally, 
  • receiving and accounting for rents, bonds and expenses,  
  • handling legal paperwork (i.e leases, accounting ledgers, termination notices), 
  • marketing vacant property effectively, 
  • screening potential tenants, reducing the risk of problematic renters, and 
  • coordinating repairs promptly to retain good tenants and maintain property value. 

When you consider all the above, your property manager plays a crucial and fundamental role in efficient property management – handling day-to-day, and sometimes out of the ordinary, property management tasks. Your property manager acts as intermediaries between yourself and tenants.  We, take the stress away and give you back time in your busy lives. 

As a landlord you do not only consider your rental property as a business investment, where, as a matter of course, we focus on maximising returns, managing costs, and optimising rental income, but you are also focussing on providing a residential home for a tenant who has opted to rent their living accommodation.  Or, when considering retail or commercial, a business who has opted to rent their business space. 

Thank you for being a landlord, and rest assured we are there for you along the way.  

Always happy to hear from you if you have the time. 

Keep well, stay safe with my warm regards.

Betty Drennan

Director & Head of Property Management

0407 408 099