Market Endurance

This week it has been hard to work out what to write about. It feels like it’s just a week, just like any other week, if you know what I mean. Actually, there has been a huge amount going on but there is one interesting thing that’s been missing…

Usually, when the market is running as hot as it is right now it creates a real sense of energy and urgency. Buyers and vendors almost bubble with excitement and anticipation at the opportunities that come with favourable economic conditions that create strong demand.

Right now, the activity is intense, there is a sense of urgency but there is also a heaviness. The energy isn’t really there which is fascinating because even without that energy the market is proving to be sound and strong. Buyers and vendors are still there.

I think we’ve all come to appreciate that ‘normal’ is a good thing. After so long-running on the adrenalin of the unexpected, we’re all exhausted but it’s clear that despite the weight of exhaustion the market is determined to push through and go the distance.

Perhaps it’s the ultimate demonstration of the resilience of the residential property market. It can deliver great results even when everyone is totally and completely shattered.

Certainly, the Morton Sales team are proving themselves to be the ultimate endurance athletes. They are hectic with listings, viewings, and sale negotiations. Everyone in the team has at some point felt they’ve reached their capacity but by encouraging and supporting each other they continue to push through on behalf of their clients. And wow have they done some crazy deals over recent weeks.

And now we’re entering those last weeks when things really get crazy as everyone looks to try and get everything done ‘before Christmas’. We’re looking at the last stretch of what has been an arduous but exhilarating ultra-marathon and we’re all determined to cross the finish line with a flourish.

We’ll get there and we won’t give up until we cross the line.

Then in the true spirit of the extraordinary Sydney property market and our magnificent team of dedicated professionals, we will turn around and be ready to start the race into the new year.