Need a break?

Anyone else feeling it? The shorter days and colder weather bring with it an almost burning desire to find the warmth and take a break. If the exodus from everyday reality is real, what does that mean for the property market?

These days it doesn’t mean much for the market. Not anymore. We used to see activity slow over the Winter months as people took advantage of the school holidays to escape the daily drudge of life when it is cold and wet.

But now our team are doing deals any and every day with clients who are anywhere and everywhere.

At Morton, we have long had the systems and capability in place, but COVID showed us, and our clients, that it was possible, safe, and not so scary to do deals remotely. Add to that is the fact Morton has long-established relationships with our clients that have been built on our proven reputation as reliable, efficient, effective, and trustworthy.

We can make it happen and we do make it happen. Which means Winter is no longer the ‘off-season’ for residential property transactions. 

That doesn’t mean our clients can’t take a holiday. What it means is you can enjoy a well-earned break and still progress your property goals. In fact, I say go for it!! Head north to the sun or enjoy the amazing alpine conditions. Covid has cramped everyone’s style for too long so take advantage of the renewed ability to travel and get away.

Just talk to our team before you go. We can do the work while you are away. We can be your eyes and ears on the ground if opportunities arise.

The market is a bit unpredictable now as everyone works through how they’re going to adjust to the tightening economic conditions including the prospect of further interest rate rises but you would be surprised how much activity is still going on.

So don’t let property stress get in the way of a holiday. We’ll handle it.