Restraint Remorse

As the market has started to ease there will inevitably be more and more people across Sydney experiencing a wave of regret. You will have heard of buyer’s remorse, but there is another side to that concept that many people are feeling right now. Are you one of them?

So, what is the opposite of buyer’s remorse? There are potential vendors who are feeling intense regret they held back and didn’t take advantage of the raging demand that fuelled the extraordinary residential property price growth experienced over the last couple of years.

It is a very genuine concern for some property owners now trying to work out if they have missed that opportunity what they do now.

Of course, the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing. There are often when we look back and have the endless ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’ conversations. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! In terms of this situation, the conversations go something like…I should have listed. I could have worked through the logistics of moving. I would have doubled my money.

That remorse is something many of our agents are currently working through with their clients.

In my opinion property owners feeling remorse that they may have missed an opportunity should not beat themselves up. Instead, they need to stop and remember the reasons why they didn’t choose to list in the heady days of the market. 

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand feeling a level of regret, but it’s important to see the bigger picture. If the timing wasn’t right to list back then it doesn’t mean there won’t be opportunities to capitalise in the future.

Covid. Lockdowns. Employment and economic uncertainty. Concerns that leaving the market would impact the potential to re-enter the market were all very real and valid reasons not to list even if there was great potential to generate a great return. In a time when the world was turning upside down, you felt safe and comfortable in your home. That’s reason enough.

But we’re here now. The market has moved past those giddy highs which means there is time to make considered, informed decisions about your property’s future. Don’t be rushed. Don’t feel pressured and certainly don’t feel distressed at the belief you ‘missed the market’.

It’s still there and our team are still achieving good returns for our vendors. Our team can give you the information and support you need to help you make the right choices for the right reasons and to achieve the right result.