Revealing the value

With the restrictions in place around Sydney at the moment we are focused more than ever before on what lies within our local communities. Perhaps a silver lining of lockdown is that we’re all coming to appreciate the gems we might not otherwise have discovered in our local area. It’s in times like these we see the true value of community but surprisingly it is often undervalued in terms of residential real estate.

As it feels like the walls are closing in around us in our homes a little more each day the need to get outside and explore, within our 5km limit, of course, can be very revealing. The Morton team are incredibly lucky to live and work within a number of very unique local communities, each offering fabulous places, parks, people and businesses.

It’s hard to define what really makes a community. Interestingly I’ve found that it has nothing to do with the age of the area. Morton has worked on the ground since development began in the communities of Wentworth Point and Thornton in Penrith. We have also been in Pyrmont as it has transformed into the thriving residential community it is today.

These are new residential developments but as the buildings have emerged, and the beautiful trees and gardens have taken root, so too has a real sense of community pride and spirit. There are local coffee shops and restaurants, street libraries, dog parks and community gardens. There is also wonderful diversity of residents who all share a common love of their local area.

There is immense value in that sense of community, diversity, and camaraderie, which I think we have all come to truly appreciate over the last 18 months when COVID has so restricted our movement. More than ever before we have come to know our neighbours.

Our agents and property managers do a huge amount of research when looking to value a property for sale or lease, but it is almost impossible to truly put a value on that sense of community that is so strong in precincts like Thornton, Wentworth Point and Pyrmont. Indeed, I’d say it is priceless.

It is therefore such a great advantage that Morton has offices on the ground in the areas in which we operate. It means our agents have years of experience in the precincts in which they specialise. We know the locals, the baristas, the businesses, and the wonderful people who are the heart and soul of the vibrant local volunteer organisations.

We know the value of those communities and that is crucial when marketing a property for sale or lease. You can’t put a price on it, and you can’t necessarily put it in a brochure, but our teams share the passion for the communities in which we work, and I think that becomes very clear when making a presentation to potential buyers and renters.

Just like there is immense value to be found within these amazing local communities so too, is there value in the connection Morton has with those communities. It is a privilege for our team to be able to help clients find their own place within these great precincts.