Taking Control?

I saw an interview last week with Ash Barty’s Mindset Coach. I think it’s gone viral so you may have seen it too. In it, Ben Crowe talked about ‘perspective’ in a way that I feel is incredibly relevant for many people and businesses right now and certainly those active in the residential property market. Here’s why…

In the interview, Ben Crowe talked about how individuals focus on two things: expectation of outcomes and expectations of others. He highlighted that neither of those things do we have the power to control. Ben explained that focussing on something you can’t control but trying to control it is the definition of anxiety, stress and pressure.

Across Sydney right now the level of anxiety and stress as a result of the lockdown is intense. The uncertainty around when lockdown will end, the impact on day-to-day life and the inability to make any solid future plans is very real and very significant.

We have clients calling to ask how the residential property market is responding to the lockdown. Will it impact listings, demand, competition, and values? They’re asking for advice on what should they do.

And this is where Ben Crowe’s advice to Ash Barty should be a guiding light. ‘Accept the things you cannot control. Let them go and instead focus your attention on the only things you control – confidence in yourself and how hard you work.’

It certainly worked for Ash Barty and at Morton, it’s exactly what we’re doing on behalf of our clients in order to help them achieve success.

Regardless of lockdown the team is researching, planning, and executing quality, individually tailored marketing campaigns for listings. Irrespective of lockdown they’re on the phone to potential buyers and existing clients and property owners. We’re carefully monitoring and analysing demand, activity, market movements and results so we continue to provide considered, factual information to clients.

Morton is confident in the experience, skill, teamwork and processes we have in place to secure our clients the best possible property outcome. 

At the same time, we don’t take anything for granted. Every member of the Morton team works and trains hard so they can be consistently at the top of their game. Our Sales Team continue to participate remotely in weekly training and professional development, so they are encouraged and challenged to find new ways to achieving the best possible property outcome for their clients.

We can’t control the lockdown. We can’t control how the market responds to the lockdown. We can give our clients a guarantee that we will work hard and do everything within our control to deliver quality service and results.

(And if you want to watch the interview from The Drum on ABC TV this is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NgCDYLT-gg)