The funny thing is….

I feel like we have spent much of the year worrying and wondering. The unknown combined with the uncertainty has left us all feeling unsteady for the majority of the last twelve months, and yet there now feels like there is something new coming into frame which is a little more positive and a little more welcoming.

The funny thing is that after a year of doom and gloom with very desperate and very real economic trauma the year seems to be ending on a high note.  I love that conversations and media coverage has turned from ‘how will we survive’ to ‘how we will spend’, although I will admit to being a little flummoxed at how quickly the turnaround has taken place.

Economists and commentators are now predicting we will go into the new year with renewed vigour and renewed determination to make decisions about how to spend the money we have all supposedly saved because of the restrictions on our lifestyle due to the pandemic.

And of course, with travel off-limit for the foreseeable future it’s not surprising that the predictions are that the property and building markets will be key sectors to benefit.  

That is great news for our clients.  Bring it on I say, but I will also say that I am not entirely convinced that there are not still some bumps in the road ahead.  I don’t want to get too carried away.  I think it’s important for both vendors and buyers to recognise that whilst we are definitely sensing a more positive outlook, we’re still seeing an underlying level of caution.  We might be brave enough to take our masks off but we’re still going to make sure we stand 1.5m away, just in case because we have seen what can happen.

And in my view, that’s not a bad thing.  Positivity with an element of caution is a great way to go into the new year. It will see players active in the market and it will allow activity to take place without things getting out of control. 

After the year we have had I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I do think things are going to be okay.