The Power of Personality

There is going to be endless analysis about the how, why, and what happened over the weekend so yet again this week I’m not going to go there. What I will talk about in relation to the election is how it demonstrated the power of community and teamwork and the power of personality. Both are incredibly relevant to the profession of residential property but to be successful in politics and property there is another very key ingredient.

I recognise it could be considered dangerous to be drawing a thread between politicians and real estate agents as sadly both professions do come with a generic level of baggage and some negative perceptions. I’m incredibly proud to be a real estate professional and of the unique and successful team we have gathered at Morton, which brings me to my point. 

Personality is important. It’s really important in real estate to have the presence and ability to talk and engage with people from the moment you first meet them. That does take a certain amount of self-confidence but should never come with arrogance which is a definite deterrent to constructive conversations.

Crucially that personality also needs to come with substance. That’s the key because it’s the foundation on which trust and integrity are built.

At Morton, we have teams of agents who together have become experts in their speciality precincts. They know the local community and many of the local businesses and residents. They know the strengths and weaknesses of the suburb, the buildings and in many cases, even individual properties.

They know. When they talk to people, they can provide the facts about a property, the precinct and the market. 

But to be successful knowledge alone is not enough. Our team recognise the importance of listening. They take the time to engage and listen to what clients want, what buyers are saying, what tenants are seeking and more generally what their community is thinking about the market, the economy, and their future.

That combination of personality, knowledge, willingness to listen and sense of community is incredibly powerful and I think it is what sets us apart and drives the results we achieve.