The power

If ever there has been a week that proves the more things change the more they seem to stay the same it would have to be this week. We’re back facing the prospect of a COVID lockdown, we’ve seen a Federal political leadership spill and the masses are hoping the Blues will pull-off a win in the State of Origin. It’s depressingly familiar. It makes me wonder if we have the power to change things?

There are so many factors that impact our lives over which we have no control. The last twelve months have demonstrated that reality more than ever before, but I think we’ve also come to realise that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re out of control.

For me, the last twelve months have reinforced the need to be firm but flexible.

At Morton we’ve always been ready and willing to move quickly to changing circumstances so whilst the last year has certainly been unique, we already had the mindset that change can deliver opportunity. We’ve always been open to new ideas around how to do business and I think a commitment to investigating new opportunities has never been more important. 

But we also remain very firm in our commitment to quality. And that’s not just a tagline on a marketing brochure. It’s the foundation for every decision made every day across our business. We look for quality when recruiting new members to our team and we expect quality from every team member in every aspect of their work, in our systems, administration and service.

That commitment to quality is reflected in the long-term relationships our team foster with clients. Importantly it’s also reflected in the long-term relationship we have with our team and that our team has with each other. I am incredibly proud that we have on our team so many talented individuals who have progressed their career over many years with Morton.

That commitment to quality delivers results for our clients and it is very rewarding that it also recognised within our profession. Last week the Morton Sales Team was recognised as the National Residential Sales Team of the Year by the Real Estate Institute of Australia.

In a year when we faced so much change, Morton sales agents demonstrated that regardless of circumstances they will get on and find the best way to take control and give their clients the power of options to achieve their property goals.