The sky is the limit

By Helen Hull

Fostering career development is a two-way street, with the best outcomes achieved when real estate professionals and their leaders listen to each other and work together for ultimate success. Here, real estate industry leaders reveal how you can propel your career sky-high.

There is an abundance of roles to be explored in real estate – but, to truly succeed, agents must fully utilise career development. Seeking mentors and leaders to guide and support you helps to give you the upper hand, resulting in greater accomplishments and overall satisfaction, both personally and professionally, no matter what stage you are in your career.

John Cunningham, Managing Director at Cunninghams, said career development is multi-layered and comes in the form of a four-pronged approach: formalised learning to achieve qualifications, structured training, individual instruction and on-the-job learning.

“The ideal ratio is 10:15:20:55 to achieve 100 per cent, with all four required for long-term career development to be most effective,” Mr Cunningham explained.

Amanda Browell-Hook, Head of Shared Services at Morton, agreed and added that on-the-job training is critical.

“You need to see every relationship, every meeting and every training session as a learning opportunity,” she said.

Ms Browell-Hook noted that you don’t need to take the “straight path” to achieve your career goal.

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