The Value of Community

I wrote last week about the incalculable and very personal value of a ‘home’ in comparison to a ‘house’. I think the same concept applies to a location and we’ve seen the incredible value of community spirit over recent days as this never-ending rain has caused such widespread havoc.Morton has offices located in eight locations across Sydney, each opened in response to a unique combination of client and development demand. Our teams are spread from the suburbs to the centre of the city. We have teams in established neighbourhoods like Crows Nest, new suburbs like Wentworth Point and Green Square, precincts like Thornton in Penrith and areas that have been reinvigorated like Pyrmont and Woolloomooloo.They are each quite different in their history, property value and population demographic but in talking with our teams on the ground it is very clear they do share one common, key element. Community. Residents have a sense of pride in their place. They nurture and appreciate a genuine sense of community.It’s another element to residential property that is impossible to quantify, difficult to explain and impossible to value. But it is there.I’ve written about community many times before but given events of the last couple of weeks, it feels appropriate to reflect on it again. It is ironic and perhaps a little sad that the true strength and depth of a community shines brightest in the darkest of times.But it’s important to recognise a sense of community doesn’t require disaster to thrive. It exists in the ordinary every day.And it is a powerful thing. We might be all very busy getting on with our daily lives but within the communities, Morton operates our teams reflect on how people take the time to get to know their neighbours and find enjoyment in participating and supporting local events, businesses and activities.The same is true for Morton staff who work within those communities. They each take pride in knowing their neighbourhood. Not just the properties but the people. They know the locals, the businesses, the parks and the schools. They know details about the building and the body corporate, but they also know about the public transport, the playgroups, the bike riding and yoga groups. Of course, they also know where to get great coffee and the perfect cupcake!And those things are important when introducing a potential new property owner to a new area. It is our job to help potential buyers get a sense of that community because there is no doubt it adds an inherent, albeit incalculable, value to a property.