The Value of Time

During the lockdown there was one thing many were not short of. Without the noise of regular life, we realised the value of time, what can be achieved with time and how precious it is. In terms of our business time can reflect productivity but I think it is equally important to acknowledge it also represents experience, and in residential real estate ‘experience’ can play a huge role in delivering success.

The fact is you can’t buy experience and you can’t fake it.  It is earned over time and in residential property I have no doubt that experience will generate confidence, contacts, and contracts.

I’m incredibly proud of the fact that our team of sales agents share over 100 years in residential property experience with Morton, including four senior agents who have each been with us for over a decade.

I recognise that level of commitment to a single company is increasingly unusual and some may say it presents the possibility of complacency.

I can assure you that is not the case at Morton.

Our agents don’t hang around because it is easy. They stay because as a team they are all constantly challenged and supported to learn new things, improve their skills, and consider new ways of achieving greater success, regardless of how long they have worked in the profession. 

That’s the culture of the Morton sales team that makes it unique.  They believe in the value of investing time in their professional development.  And whilst experience is earned over time, you can share it.  Which is priceless.

The Morton sales team meets every week to share ideas, discuss challenges and participate in professional development training.  As a team they take the time to learn both from each other and with each other.  New agents are encouraged to offer new ideas just as our long-term agents take the time to offer the wisdom of their experience. 

As a team they take the time each week to discuss new listings, opportunities, and challenges. It means clients benefit from the dedication and experience of not only their individual Morton agent, but the combined wisdom and experience of the entire Morton team. 

So, as we have come to truly appreciate the value of time because of the COVID pandemic I think it is a good time to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of our team of sales agents